Valerie Racine, LCMHC, TCTSY-F

Valerie Racine, LCMHC, TCTSY-F

After graduating from St. Lawrence University with a Master’s in Counseling & Human Development in 2003, I began my career working in community mental health agencies primarily in Franklin and Chittenden counties (northern Vermont). Through my work as a School Clinician and Outpatient Therapist, I was honored to work with diverse populations serving children, adolescents, couples, and families who struggled with anxiety, complex trauma, and attachment issues.

Ready to launch my own practice, I began providing psychotherapy in Southern Vermont in 2012. Because talk therapy accesses only some parts of the brain, I began a certificate program in Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga (TCTSY) through the Justice Resource Institute in April 2017. After completing the program in Spring of 2018, I am able to incorporate embodiment practices as part of the psychotherapy process as well as offer Embodied Yoga series in the community.


Here You Are

Intention: heart stretching, heavy, yet open, seeing and knowing.

Choice: the power of muscle, the body as a source and resource: the beginning of wisdom—

I have this. I know this.

Truth: steadfast as a tree, rooted, enduring wind, flexible, held with dynamic compassion.

How do we befriend this voice embedded within,

the found voice, reclaimed, or was it always there?

Valerie Racine with Verandah Porche, 2018